Most commonly asked questions from our user community

Is Obly Preps, online examination reliable & confidential? Is my data safe and secure with Obly Preps?

At Obly Preps, we respect your need for online privacy and protect any Personal Information that you may share with us. As a condition to use Obly Preps Services, you need to consent to the terms of the Privacy Policy Statement, which is updated from time to time. Obly Preps considers the security of your data and information very seriously. We have taken different steps to help ensure the safety of your data. This includes physical security practices like Network Security (encryption, intrusion detection/prevention), People Processes, and Redundancy/Business Continuity.

What is the difference between practice and examination type test?

In examination type tests, students can give the test on a particular day & time. Once the test date and time is passed, students cannot take the test. You can also generate Rank & percentile in Examination type test. In Practice type test, students are allowed to give a test again and again for practice without having any boundary of date & time.

How many types of question can I add into online question bank?

Currently Obly Preps providing facility of adding only multiple choices questions, further we will provide facility of adding all type of questions.

What is a coupon? What does coupon distribution summary show?

Coupon is a system where we generate a discount code by enter this code you will get discount.
This discount will be tree type.

  • SMS discount
  • Student discount
  • Validation days
Is it possible to customize the Obly Preps web based application software & desktop application.

Yes. We are open to any kind of customization.

How can purchased this web based application software?

click here, and fill the inquiry form. if you are submitted this form then our sells department call you and give you all interaction.

How can I payment? Can I use online transaction?

Contact our sells department.

How to add batch? Can we costomize the batch?

Yes, You can costomize batch.Given the following step.

Step 1

Add Batch
Go to website click BattchesAdd BatchAdd Batch
Batch will be sucessfull created.

Step 2

Edit Batch
Go to Batches List All EditUpdate.
Batch will be sucessfull updated.

Step 3

Delete Batch
Go to batch list click deleteYes
Batch will be delete.

How to add Student? Can we also costomize the Students?

Yes, You can also costomize Students given the following step.

Step 1

Add Student
Go to website click Students Add Students Add student
Student will be sucessfully Added.

Step 2

Edit Student
Go to Students List All Edit Update.
Student will be sucessfully updated.

Step 3

Delete Student
Go to Student list click Delete Yes
Batch will be delete.

Can we also manage the students fee?
Step 1

Click Students Student Fee View Fill debit amount Update

View fee details
Click on Load History

How to manage exams?
Step 1

Add Exam

Click Exams Add Exam Select Exam type Add new exam Fill exam details Add exam
Exam will be added successfully.

Step 2

Edit Exam
Click Exams List Exam Edit Edit Exam Change detailsUpdate Exam
Exam will be Updated successfully.

Step 3

Delete Exam
Click Exams List Exam delete Yes.
Exam will be Deleted successfully.

How to manage Question?
Step 1

Add Question

Click Questions Add Questions Select Exam Select subject Add Question
Exam will be added in question list.

Step 2

Edit Question
Click Questions List All Search Question Edit Change detailsUpdate Question
Question will be Updated successfully.

How to Add set?
Step 1

Add Exams set

Click Exams set Add Exams set Select Exam type Select Exam Create new Set Select subjectAdd QuestionsUpdate
select all subject one by one and update questions.
Exam set will be added in sets list.

How to allot set?
Step 1

Add Exams set

Click Exams set Set Allocation Select batch Select students Select Exam type Set type organization/oblypreps Select Exams Select Set Select Subject Alert type (SMS/Email) Enter Allocation date Select set type (practice Test/Speed test)Allot set
Set will be alloted all selected students or whole batch.

How to add news & updates?

Go to setting section section.All Setings avlable as: letest job, Result, Admit Card, Answerkey, News, cutoff, Change logo etc.